BOC × Oxford Pennant

BOC × Oxford PennantAbout Our Campsite Keepsakes
Our friends at Oxford Pennant have helped us create a one-of-a-kind pennant and camp flag so that BROOKLYN OUTDOOR COMPANY can always be with you–at camp or at home.

Founded in 2013, Oxford Pennant has made it its goal to revive America’s pennant tradition with the quality it deserves. Say goodbye to the low-quality souvenirs made of cheap, synthetic materials. Oxford Pennant’s American-made products are manufactured to last. Each product–pennant, banner, or flag– is made of wool felt and is designed, cut, sewn, printed, and shipped from downtown Buffalo, New York.

We at BROOKLYN OUTDOOR COMPANY pride ourselves on delivering products of the best quality, so we collaborated with the best for a pennant and camp flag. Our simple, modern design, paired with Oxford Pennant’s rustic, high-quality products, perfectly captures our brand and everything we stand for. Represent us on your camping adventures, in your office, or at home with The BOC Oxford Pennant or The BOC Oxford Camp Flag.

Wave us at camp or hang us in your living room with our custom Oxford Camp Flag or Oxford Pennant. Made with wool felt, and designed with a simple and rustic style in mind, these vintage-inspired products suit any environment–be it your campsite, garage, or backyard. 

BOC × Oxford Pennant

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