The Folding Wagon XL
The Folding Wagon XL
The Folding Wagon XL
The Folding Wagon XL
The Folding Wagon XL
The Folding Wagon XL
The Folding Wagon XL
The Folding Wagon XL
The Folding Wagon XL
The Folding Wagon XL
The Folding Wagon XL
The Folding Wagon XL
The Folding Wagon XL
The Folding Wagon XL
The Folding Wagon XL

The Folding Wagon XL

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We are an outdoor brand established in NY in 2016. The two founders of this brand promote the idea of enjoying a sophisticated and sustainable lifestyle. All our items are genuinly created based on this idea. All our products can be used for camping as well as your daily life.

Easy to pull wagon that even kids can easily carry a full load!
The long-awaited BOC wagon has been renewed with built-in bearings!
The thick tires alternately make small ups and downs, and the vehicle proceeds along the unpaved gravel road that leads from the parking lot. Arriving at the campsite, the driver puts the stopper on the tire and unloads the tent and tarp, the fire pit and firewood, and the luggage one after another from the back of the wagon. In such an ordinary camping scene, a folding wagon plays a supporting role but plays a major role.

Camping gear tends to pile up. It is surprisingly difficult to carry them back and forth from the parking lot to the camp site with both hands. With a large-capacity folding wagon, you can carry a lot of gear at once, reducing the time and effort required to transport it.

BOC's folding wagon features a large capacity of 60 gallons and can carry a large number of items. The cargo bed is quite deep at about 17.3 inhces, making it possible to load large items such as tents, tarps, and cooler boxes, as well as small items such as cooking utensils and outdoor chairs, all at once.

In addition, despite its large size, this wagon is characterized by its lightweight operation due to the bearings used in various parts. Although the large wagon itself is heavy, once placed on the ground, it is lighter and smoother than lighter wagons, and can be easily carried by children as well as women. Furthermore, the extra-thick PVC tires are quieter than plastic tires, making it safe to use indoors, early in the morning, or in other situations where loud noise during transportation is a concern.

The fabric used for the cargo bed and cover is high-strength 600D oxford polyester, which is tear-resistant and quick-drying, minimizing wear and tear during outdoor use. The fabric and frame are black for a chic look. The fabric of the cargo bed can be removed with Velcro for washing. It can be used in any weather without worrying about getting dirty.

Assembly is very easy. Remove the cover and push the handles on the top of the cargo bed fabric toward the bottom. Lay the bottom board in the pocket of the cover on the cargo bed, and you are done assembling. No special force is required and it does not take much time. The height of the handle is infinitely adjustable to fit your height.

For storage, remove the bottom board and pull up the handle in the center of the cargo bed, and the frame of the pandagraph structure shrinks into a compact size. Simply roll it up with the included clasp and fasten the Velcro to secure it in place, then cover it with the cover and close the zipper. Even with the cover on, it can be moved by pulling the top handle. Since it can be moved without lifting the main unit, it is convenient for small transfers.

BOC's Folding Wagon is a two-way specification that can be used not only for carrying things but also as an outdoor table by attaching a special table top. Because it is designed to be used as a table, it is stable and high enough to be used as a stand-alone table.

The folding wagon plays a supporting role in camping, but is also a necessity. The fact that this single unit can also serve as an outdoor table is a great point for those who are worried about where to store their increasing camping gear at home or how to load it into their car.

Point 1 Compact and easy to store
When not in use, it can be folded up and covered with a special cover for compact storage. It can be stored anywhere because it is a vertical, freestanding type.

Point 2 Loading capacity of 60 gallons and load capacity of 396 pounds.
The cargo bed measures 39.3 x 21.6 x 1703 inches and has a loading capacity of 60 gallons, making it ideal for transporting camping gear. It also has a load capacity of 396 pounds (when stationary, distributed weight), so it can carry heavy camping equipment such as tarps, tents, and Dutch ovens at a time.

Point 3 Infinitely adjustable load handle
The O-shaped handle can be easily removed when not needed, such as when storing or using the table, and its shape makes it easy to hold and apply force when pulling heavy loads. The handle is movable, so it can be pulled at a height and angle appropriate for your height when traveling, and automatically returns to its original position with the built-in spring when you release your hand.

Point 4 Bearings in various places and large PVC tires
The machine is characterized by its very light operability due to the bearings used in various parts of the machine. In addition, the extra-thick PVC tires can easily carry heavy loads, and can easily handle gravel roads, bumps, and other rough terrain. Moreover, the tires are quieter than those made of plastic, so they can be used indoors, early in the morning, or in other situations where loud noise during transportation is a concern.

Point 5 Equipped with stoppers on all four wheels
All wheels are equipped with stoppers, providing stability and peace of mind when loading and unloading cargo or using as a table. The wheels can be easily locked and unlocked by hand as well as by foot, making it easy to operate when wearing sandals.


Details (our appealing points)

① Extra-thick PVC tires for excellent drivability and quietness.
② All four wheels are equipped with stoppers.

③ When removing the upholstery, first turn the fixing bolts on the four corners from the bottom to remove the upholstery.
④ Easy-to-grip donut-shaped handle

⑤ Handle can be easily removed when not needed.
⑥ Sleeve for table top.

⑦ The cover folds away under the insoles.
⑧ Woven logo is sewn on, not printed.



SIZE Usage size: approx. W41.3 x D23.6 x H26.3 inches (including tires)
Load size: approx. W35.4 x D20 x H 17.3 inches
Storage size: approx. W16.5 x D10.2 x H27.5 inches
WEIGHT Approx. 30.8 pounds
Maximum load capacity Approx. 60 gallons/ Load capacity: approx. 396 poumds (when stationary, distributed weight)
MATERIAL Upholstery: 600D Oxford polyester
Frame: Steel & Aluminum

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